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Hi, I'm Sachin Uppal. Welcome to my profile!

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I question everything. I record, collect and analyze data/facts to uncover consumer insights whether it is through research or online behavior measurement. My approach is to find out "Why" consumers take an action and "Why" they don't. I am good at identifying patterns from consumer data and translating them into meaningful actions. I am a strong believer in simplifying communication and I iterate until the time I can’t simplify it further. I visualize new creative solutions to drive people to take actions. I am a firm believer in leveraging Technology for automation and 1-to-1 Marketing. I get things done efficiently, accurately and precisely. I am extremely passionate about Data and Technology have driven marketing and communication.

I have conceptualized, planned and executed hundreds of low budget and multi-million dollar new-user acquisition campaigns and retention campaigns. I have Hands-on experience in setting-up, optimizing and scaling multiple digital marketing campaigns. Each of my campaigns is highly ROI driven with an extreme attention to detail within constraints of limited resources or budgets. Deep hands-on experience in running campaigns on Search Engines, Social Media, Networks, and Affiliates. I have built consistent user journeys to deliver highly optimized user paths through continuous experimentation and analysis to build UI and UX that have higher conversion rates.
I am a believer in ‘Relevant’ measurement and hence some of the campaign metrics I track are CPA, Life Time Value (LTV), Break Even Period, ARPU, Cohort Analysis - Age Wise, Gender wise, Geography wise.

Having run hundreds of A/B experiments, I have helped uncover hidden Consumer Insights driving massive optimizations.
- Conversion rate optimization #CRO
- Landing page optimization #LPO
- Digital creative optimization #DCO

Currently, I am contributing to the growth of India's largest Online Rummy Website where you can play Rummy for real money!

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